How To Contribute to CPCU Society 75th Anniversary Celebration Book

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Welcome to the “CPCU Society 75th Anniversary Celebration Book” Collection Site. Here you'll be able to contribute your pictures and text for inclusion in the celebration. First, you'll need to register. Participation is by invitation only, and you will have received an invitation code via email. If you have not recieved one, email

After registration, you'll have access to the Collection Site and can begin adding your thoughts.

If you need help or have suggestions or questions, please email and we'll be happy to assist you.

Adding Content

Creating Threads

Content is organized into threads that you and others create. A thread is like a chapter heading and can be for a topic, event, particular time, department, etc. - Whatever you'd like. You can join existing threads or start your own.

Adding Passages

Passages are simply the stories and memories that you want to add to the thread. A passage can be text, a single picture, or both (a picture accompanied by text).

If you would like to add photos, please be sure to add a high quality image – ideally, larger than 1200px in at least one dimension. If you are adding a photo from a phone, be sure to upload either the 'large' or 'actual' size.

After writing your passage and/or adding an image, be sure to press "Publish Passage" so your content becomes viewable to others:

Note: the interface for this project may look a little different due to custom styling for your company.

You may edit any content you've added after publishing by using the "Edit" menu present next to any passages you've published:

You can also log back in with the email and password you set at registration and contribute more passages and images any time.

Terms Of Use

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Use of this service requires agreeing to the CPCU Society Terms and Conditions.

Please read all terms carefully before participating.

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